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Trash bashing in lockdown

This is the story of an artwork created during lockdown.  Read on if you want to know how it was made. Creating art has shown itself to be a great comfort in times of stress and anxiety and it's helped a great many people to get through the pandemic. Certainly, lockdown has made me more productive. And I've loved following TV shows like Sky Portrait Artist of the Week, Keith Lemon's Fantastical Factory of Curious Crafts, Grayson's Art Club and online art clubs run by Noel Fielding, Olaf Falafel and Lulu Allison.  So it seemed appropriate to make something that would be a memorial to these strange times. And, in the spirit of recycling/upcycling and being restricted to staying at home, I wondered if it was possible to make it using ONLY things found in my house, garden, shed and garage? I love a challenge and this seemed to be a good one. I love trash-bashing and scratch-building - two terms that describe making art from things that most people would throw away or th

A Weighty Issue #2 - The Meaty Question

This blog will feature many things that interest me or that I'm involved in. I've also chosen to use it to share my personal lockdown weight loss journey. My  first post on the subject seems to have gone down quite well. So here's Part 2. I'm going to be talking about my approach to the emotive subject of meat. Veggie and vegan chums may want to look away now. I'll start by saying that I am a meat eater. But I'm a picky meat eater. And an informed and ethical meat eater. Much of my attitude towards meat stems from my childhood. It's fair to say that a great deal of  the protein I was served up as a child came fresh and direct from the land or the sea. Growing up in Cornwall, and coming from a family of shooters and fishermen, my diet regularly featured game. I ate rabbit, pigeon, woodcock and pheasant, and I enjoyed freshly caught fish like mackerel, pollock, and gurnard, along with prawns and crab. Some of my earliest memories involve hunting for delicious

The Monster Zoo

Around Christmas time - and with another lockdown looming - I overheard some of my neighbours bemoaning the fact that all of their children's regular activities (including schools) would be shutting down. And, due to a ban on unnecessary travel, they couldn't go anywhere else. They wouldn't even be able to meet with their friends.  Lockdown has had an enormous impact on everybody's lives. It's affected our jobs, our social lives and our mental health. It's also been a really tough time for kids. So I began to wonder if I could do something for them (and maybe help out their homeschooling parents too). I had an idea ... could I create a local attraction that would engage kids and get them out of the house and into the fresh air?  I know a fair bit about problem solving and about running public art projects. And I have a pretty good understanding of how kids work too, having brought up three of my own and having two grandkids. I knew that kids like finding thing